F111 Final Dump & Burn - Williamtown Airshow 2010

USAF F-22 Raptor - Avalon Airshow 2013 - 50fps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGtj1x_Pnsk&list=UUMcOCgoMnJ3_I6LmaNDBzAA F111 Last ever Dump & Burn Display in Australia Retiring and replaced by F18F - Williamtown Airshow 2010 Blu-ray of the Airshows available upon request. Email - m171562@live.com $10.

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F14 Tomcat "Sonic Boom"
just a vid of an f 14 breaking the sound barrier at a low altitude Sound barrier break tomcat airforce jet ocean f14 fast speed

F111 Speed Runs - Williamtown Airshow 2010
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Amazing Carpet Bomb!
Very intense simulated carpet bomb by the A-26 Invader. Filmed at the 2009 Randolph Air Force Base air show in San Antonio, Texas. You can view this video in 3d if you have a pair of 3d glasses. Remember to subscribe for more air show videos! Visit my new blog at http://airshowvideos.blogspot.com/ for air show videos and general news about aviation, rock and roll, and San Antonio. Oh and if anybody read this, there are a few observations from the comments. (1) Of course this is pyrotechnics. It is not a real bomb and there is nothing wrong with that. A real bomb would be way too dangerous and costly. (2) Hateful comments against the U.S. or anybody in general will not be tolerated. (3) I doubt this pollutes the air very much. Your daily commute to work probably produces just as much pollution. (4) I doubt there is much if any taxpayer money being used for this show. Even if there is, it is a service to the people to open the base to the public for free and demonstrate current and past military technology for the benefit of education. Plus, it is also works as an advertisement for the military. My first airshow really really made me want to be a fighter pilot. Tags A-26 Invader Pearl Harbor reenactment carpet bomb pyrotechnics airshow 2009 fire explosion airshows fighter force base power demonstration stunt flying plane airplane japanese zero p-51 Mustang military demo flight navy powerful smoke World War II fuel bright big boom loud intense heat pyro light sound flash Jet Fireworks Fly Rocket Aircraft Planes Helicopter Aviation Pilot Backflip Red Bull Display Works Jets Glider Powder F16 Shell Exploding Explosions 2011 "air show" "San Antonio" Texas "Air Force"

Бе-200 Гидроавиасалон 2010 чать 1 Be-200 Hydro Air Show 2010 part 1
Бе-200 на Гидроавиасалоне 2010, парный показ 9 сентября. Be-200 at Hydro Air Show in Gelendzhik, pair display, September 09.