Targa Newfoundland 2009 - "Osprey Trail" Car 115 Acura Integra

This is stage1-4 "Osprey Trail" of Targa Newfoundland 2009. We are car 115, a Orange, Green, and black 1995 Acura Integra turbo. This was a very high speed/rough stage. You can learn more about Targa Newfoundland at www.targanewfoundland.com

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Targa Newfoundland 2009 - Leg 2
STILLEN GT-R Targa Race Car ( http://www.stillen.com ). 1983 Audi Quattro ( http://www.audicanada.ca ). Point Leamington, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. 15 September 2009. http://www.targanewfoundland.com This video was tweeted by Team STILLEN! @STILLEN "Video: STILLEN GT-R leaving stage on Leg 2.. as well as open class '93 Audi Quattro.. from youtube.. http://bit.ly/31Ht5a #targanf -JB" http://twitter.com/STILLEN

STILLEN GT-R: Targa Newfoundland Rally 2009 - Day 2 Gander
In-car footage from the 2009 Targa Newfoundland Rally, Day 2 Gander stage in the STILLEN Nissan GT-R which took 1st in the Modern Class and won the Manufacturers Challenge. Driver Steve Millen (STILLEN) - Co-Driver Mike Monticello (Road & Track Magazine). Visit http://blog.stillen.com for complete specs and information...

Targa Newfoundland 2009 - Car 115 acura integra - Flatrock prologue stage
This is the prologue stage for Targa Newfoundland 2009. It takes place in a small community called Flatrock not far outside of st. John's. The prologue served as a means for qualifying for Targa. It would determine the running order for the next day. We are car 115, a 1995 Acura Integra turbo. See more info about Targa Newfoundland on their web site www.targanewfoundland.com

Targa Newfoundland 2013 - A full week of daily updates
A compilation of the full week of Targa Newfoundland News updates for 2013. Watch the race unfold!