Small Fiat with Alfa V6

Fiat X1/9 with Alfa Romeo 3,0 litre V6 at track day.

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Alfetta GTV6
Alfetta GTV6 3 litre conversion at Mittsverigebanan,Sweden

BMW 325 Ci track day
BMW 325 Coupe at track day. Modified Exhaust.

Tiger sportscars
Two Tigers attended an Alfa-meeting at Mittsverigebanan, Härnösand in Sweden 090925. Ringtaxi in the Tiger R6 demonstrator with Gulf livery. Yellow-Greenish Tiger with stripes is the Supercat XL. More info at

Alfa Romeo GT v6 Ragazzon Exhaust
Alfas GT model with 3.2 v6 engine complimented by Ragazzon Exhaust system