Test Driving A Smart Car

A short clip of driving a smart and feeling the shift.

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Smart Car Test Ride
A brief test ride in the NEW Smart Car, scheduled for US arrival in Q1 2008.

smart fortwo Transmission Shifting Extended Version
Video of a smart fortwo showing acceleration runs, skip gear changes, and a stop and go simulation to demonstrate how the transmission shifts in various situations. The liquid container on the dash is a quart jar half filled with tap water and green food coloring added for contrast. The "slosh markers" are rubber bands.

Smart CDI review
Rowan Horncastle from Motormorph.com and Greenbang.com takes the new Smart ForTwo diesel out of the city for a review.

Smart car drive
Another video of me driving my Smart car.This time from Wembury Point to Mount Battern,both near Plymouth,Devon.It was about a 25 mins drive,but I managed to get it down to under 8 mins.(yea I know it's still too long,oh well).Hope you enjoy.Plz subscribe,rate or comment.