Test Driving A Smart Car

A short clip of driving a smart and feeling the shift.

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smart car gear problems
smart car not going into reverse

smart fortwo Transmission Shifting Extended Version
Video of a smart fortwo showing acceleration runs, skip gear changes, and a stop and go simulation to demonstrate how the transmission shifts in various situations. The liquid container on the dash is a quart jar half filled with tap water and green food coloring added for contrast. The "slosh markers" are rubber bands.

How to start a smart fortwo that's stuck in park (ABS light on)
IMPORTANT: When you're jiggling your screwdriver or other metal implement, you (obviously?) have to also be pulling on your shifter. I forgot to mention this on the video. If you have a question leave a comment. I pulled myself out of park at least a dozen times before I was able to get to a dealer. Kudos to the folks on the Smart Car of America forums who had this figured out: http://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums/f25/shifter-stuck-park-heres-get-me -home-fix-5578/ Another update: this problem went away by itself when the weather warmed up to -10*C. Protip: Smartcars aren't great in -30*C! ANOTHER update: A commenter has suggested that slamming on the brakes a few times will fix the issue - give it a shot first, I suppose it is easier than this trick.

Smart Car Test Ride
A brief test ride in the NEW Smart Car, scheduled for US arrival in Q1 2008.