1960 VW Engine Starts After 35 Years

Found this very solid 1960 bug on Craig's List. Has original 36HP engine and 88K original miles. I am now the proud 2nd owner 50 years later.

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1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Engine Start
First time starting up the 2333 cc engine (91x84mm) that I installed in my wife's freshly restored 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible. Yes, I know my coil is installed upside-down. The after-market wire harness was installed with too little slack to reach a downward-pointing coil. This is temporary.

1967 Volkswagen Beetle First Start in 25 Years
After a few months of work (only one or two days a month) and a lot of help from a very good friend, my 1967 Volkswagen Beetle finally roared to life! This was honestly the first time it actually started, although it had come close moments before, which is why it started up so quickly. I had no idea what I was doing with the manual, as you can tell in the beginning when I ask a lot of dumb questions. We didn't think that this try would actually work, but we had filmed all the other attempted starts so we did the same here. The final touch had been installing a new ignition coil. When we take off into the driveway, that is the fastest it would go at the time. It took a carburetor rebuild and tuning to actually reach speeds above first gear. It was still an awesome thrill just to keep it running! Sorry about the wind and all the random noises and distractions...we REALLY weren't expecting it to work that time. http://instagram.com/rkade93 http://www.twitter.com/ReesK5150 Shot using iPhone 4S.

Enterprise DSG-36 Antique Diesel Engine First Fire up
Old engine breathes fire again after a 30 year slumber. 500kw generator 1000hp Engine Burns 1 gallon of diesel every 5 minutes. Less wind noise here: http://youtu.be/bcJfGecjaRw

vw bug first start after 13 years
First start of 1971 vw bug 1302 with rusted Exhaust. So far vw has changed oil and fresh fuel and runs great :)