Tokyo Marui STREET RACER RC Motor Bike by eHobby Asia Tokyo Marui STREET RACER RC Motor Bike (1/5) -- 3 channel full-action radio control system -- Rider on motorcycle moves cornering by weight movement -- Operation Time: About 20 mins (270 minutes charging time) -- Operated NiMH (9.6V800mAh) battery for the Helicopter and 1x 9V Ultra Alkaline Battery for the transmitter

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Motorcycle racing Japan - CRAZY!!!
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Open cerimony , best body work, team DMR at work, some bike, four stroke bike by Moulin 9

Nuova Faor SF509 Race Nitro Startup
Nuova Faor SF509 How To Start up my Bike Video from If you want the badest RC Motorcycle on the market check out these Italian made you won't find better quality anywhere and GotNitro has got em!

Kyosho Mini-Z Moto Racer Yamaha MotoGP
The Yamaha YZR-M1 is the first in a series of radio control motorcycles from Kyosho, the World's most enduring and respected maker of radio control vehicles. This new RC motorcycle is the most advanced of its kind, introducing patented technology that makes driving and fully controlling the Mini-Z Moto Racer more simple than any RC motorcycle in history. The Moto Racer is 1/18-scale and features modern MotoGP machines from Yamaha, and eventually Ducati and Honda. These are much more sophisticated than the larger previous generation 1/8-scale MotoGP machines from back in the 80s. Kyosho is a pioneer in radio control motorcycle technology, making its first motorcycles back in the 70s. the Moto Racer is powered by smooth coreless motor while another brushless motor powers the eGyro in the rear wheel, which is where the Moto Racer gets its stability and precise handling. The key difference is, the gyro in the Moto Racer is electric powered and features low and high-speed settings to customize the gyro speed to adjust steering for more of less responsive handling. Making the gyro electric powered makes its speed more consistent than the mechanical gyros used in other RC motorcycles. The Moto Racer is much more stable and predictable, making it the most easy to driver RC motorcycle ever. Functional front and rear suspension are included, and keeping the Moto Racer stuck to the ground are a pair of soft compound rubber slicks. The suspension is adjustable for more or less suspension travel, which will help to absorb bumps for better handling. The Moto Racer is powered by a 120 mAh 20C lithium polymer battery that powers both the motorcycle and gyro for about 10-12 minutes at a time. One battery, a charger, and a USB adapter cord are included. The battery can be charged from the USB port on the radio (not advised for radio battery life, but possible) any computer USB port, and even an iPhone USB adapter. The battery takes about 20 minutes to charge, and the included charger can handle two batteries at time for more non-stop action.