Tokyo Marui STREET RACER RC Motor Bike by eHobby Asia Tokyo Marui STREET RACER RC Motor Bike (1/5) -- 3 channel full-action radio control system -- Rider on motorcycle moves cornering by weight movement -- Operation Time: About 20 mins (270 minutes charging time) -- Operated NiMH (9.6V800mAh) battery for the Helicopter and 1x 9V Ultra Alkaline Battery for the transmitter

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Nuova Faor SF509 Race Nitro Startup
Nuova Faor SF509 How To Start up my Bike Video from If you want the badest RC Motorcycle on the market check out these Italian made you won't find better quality anywhere and GotNitro has got em!

Thunder Tiger SB5 - 4,5T Burshless Testfahrt!
Jetzt mitmachen! ►►► RCE Forum ►►► RCE Magazin ►►► Kleine Probefahrt meiner Thunder Tiger SB5 mit einem Novak Velociti 4,5T. Der 2S Lipo ist nicht mehr der beste, reicht aber noch locker für ein paar Wheelies, ausfahren ist hier leider nicht möglich. - SkyRC SR4 RC Motorcycle E-Gyro Testing "Show us some move!! Do a Backflip 360!!" With the amazing SkyRC SR4 1:4 Scale RC Motocross We love this motocycle, it's so well built that our guys can't stop playing with it. The SR4 RC Motorcycle is very unique, it has a "Electronic Gyroscope". which helps to keep the bike balanced, and it has very nice low speed drivability, that's something other RC motos can't do. When talking about offroad bikes, it's all about Drivabliliy and Durability, this SR4 has them both. For Drivability and beat best feature, it has a Patented Electronic Gyroscope onboard, it's bascially a flywheel inside the rear wheel, and it was driven by a Brushless Motor, you can adjust the spinning speed of the flywheel with a button underneath the seat. By changing the speed of the flywheel, you can choose to have more Stability or Agility according to the track, and with this good gyro, you can drive the bike real slow. We drive this bike on real road once with very low speed, because of the 1/4 scale, it looks hilarious, try it, I'm sure everyone saw it will laugh.... Another great feature is the smooth oil filled Front Suspension Fork and Rear Shock, they stick the wheels to the ground, especially the rear shock, it is so plush, it chews up any bumps on the terrain, just like a real motocross! About the power plant, it is a TORO 3200kv Brushless Motor and a TORO 60A Speed Controller, this combination is CRAZY! With a fully charged battery, the bike can go wheely, and with a ramp high enough , the bike can jump a long way!! For Durability, this bike is absolutly amazing! We took one of the bike for video shooting, we did push it to the limit, we jumped a lot of high ramps, went into mud and water, crash countless times... and the bike has "Nothing" broken, even that dude on the bike, just has some scratch on the helmet, all the arms and legs are still in one piece! (Yeah!) Why this bike so durable? It's about the good choice of material. The Alunminum Main Frame is almost Bomb-Proof, when you are holding the bike in hand, it's so "Compact" and "Robust", it's very well assembled! The heavy duty parts like the rear swing arm, factory mixed Carbon Fiber into the plastic, that makes it Strong like metal. The Chain and Rear Sprocket are real metal stuff, they are super heavy duty, factory did the right decision. Uunderneath the main frame, there is a Subframe mechanism in the frontend of the bike, it is supported by one strong spring as a buffer, the Front Fork is mounted on this Subframe, when you have direct impact on the front work, this mechanism will kick in and absorb the destructive froce, we can prove this system works, as you can see, our Bike and the Dude are still in once peice. =)

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