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maxx fucin around in the nissan

maxx trashin the nissan


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4x4 Carnage
4x4 Highlight videos

Simply Red To The Rescue
Brian's toy get's swamped, Simply Red pulls him out. (Nissan 4x4)

Simply Red in Mud (trail across from Mid North)2 (Nissan 4x4)
Some more mud fun


Simply Red in Mud (trail across from Mid North) (Nissan 4x4)
Some mud fun

Nissan Hardbody in The Snow (Simply Red)
Another older video of us having a good time offroading.

Nissan Hardbody Rock Crawling
Don showing us the limits of his truck as he pops the driveshaft out (AT END)look closely and you can see it bouncing around

Bobby Gets Stuck
Bobby gets dared to take a drop with his barely lifted nissan hardbody... He takes the dare and gets stuck.

Simply Red, Creek Crosssing Winter (Nissan 4x4)
Crossing a partially frozen creek.

me rolling my nissan d21 hardbody truck! worlds slowest ever!!
me rolling my nissan d21 hardbody truck! worlds slowest ever!!

Simply Red in St, Hubert (Nissan 4x4)
Back in 1988 in Quebec. Playing on ice.

nissan hardbody 4 wheelin
maxx beatin on the nissan

JIMMYBAJA NISSAN LIFT KIT, STAGE #3 614 470 2356 Truck for sale
JIMMYBAJA'S NISSAN-HARDBODY-LIFT-KIT-NISSAN-BAJA-KIT-http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nissan-Lif t-Kit-Nissan-Pre-Baja-Kit-for-2wd-Nissan-Hardbody-3-0-Lift-kit-/29061468709 3?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43a9fc3575 http://www.ebay.com/itm/NISSAN-4X4-Leaf-Springs-with-Frame-Plate-Shock-Hoop -Kit-by-James-Baja-Fab-/290576075205?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories& hash=item43a7af09c5 Off Road Contest wanted, JAMES BAJA KIT vrs OTHER NISSAN BOLT ONs ! This rear suspension lift has been swapped since this video. However this stage 3 rear lift still provides better arc and traction than any add a leaf or lift block kit.... .My New 14" Travel Rear Suspension is a cross configuration of desert & trail type setups to out traction any bolt on kit for a Nissan...The same setup fits 4x4 & 2wd trucks 86-04 and is direct bolt on except for shock hoops..............Getting the best Traction possible in 2wd is the key factor on Flood wall river trails.. So if anyone thinks there is a more capable bolt on kit....Mount EM & Lets Race Em & I'll even race this beat ass truck SAME TIRE. / SAME GROUND against any other bolt on kit ! I will be in 2wd LSD 33" tire against bolt on solid axle kit 33" tire rear locked no front drive shaft / Any 4x4 IFS lift kits rear locked no front drive shaft or 4wd with open diffs 86-2012 Trucks.. It will be both fun and interesting to find out.............All ready used other kits....My Front and Rear Suspensions Has less issues & performs well on more complicated trails So set it up with the magazines for video contest, -OFF- ROAD --PETERSON, --4 WHEELER, contest JAMES BAJA FAB vrs OTHER BOLT ONS for the Best Nissan Bolton Kit Same Tire / Same Ground, This is the most capable bolt on suspension for a Nissan Hardbody & 98-04 Frontier... My rear setup can work great on the 4x4 86-04 Frontier.. Show support if you guy's want better suspension options or it will always be 2nd to Toyota ! A simple weld on 18" travel setup is on the table using the same Hoops & lower cage kit. contact JamesBaja Fabrication 614 470 2356 .see Nissan Baja kit on Facebook

Andy @ Coal Creek
Andy toying around in his HB at Coal Creek

nissan hardbody
trail riding in the cherokee national forest

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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