CB7 Accord F20b swap twin loop exhaust

Phearable Ecu 5k launch control. Not road worthy yet until I get proper tune. Still 2.25in piping, Magnaflow catalytic converter and a torque tube resonator.

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Twin Loop Muffler Sound H23a - Stock, then and now!
Suscribe to My New Chanel if You Want more Video :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-PTfeyy4EDmoYbGg6g5sMQ THANKS :D !!! Voici un petit montage Full HD de mon auto de 2011 à 2013 2011 = H22a4 USDM + 100% Stock car 2012 = H22a JDM + 2.5" Cat back + OBX Twin Loop Muffler 2013 = H23a JDM + Tri-Y Header 2001 Honda Prelude Blue Thanks for watching, comments and subscribe!!! Merci beaucoup pour les commentaires =)

92 Accord F20B
My 92 accord with a f20b blue top swap. I did a full wire tuck and also a 5spd swap with a h22 tranny. Thanks to my buddy cody who came through with some parts last minute I needed to get it to run right. buil thread http://www.tennspeed.net/forums/showthread.php?t=30242

Honda Accord VS Lamborghini Murcielago. EXOTIC CARs RACING, TOUGE FUN!!
found a pack of Exotic cars meeting up, so i sayed.. hmmm this could be fun! lol so i joined in with my little Gas Saving Honda to race these high end Performance Cars!! XD good racing and fun! too bad there was so many cars that the racing was very limited.. =/ ENJOY! and if you may ask about my car, its; naturally aspirated (all motor) Frankenstein H/F series putting out 234whp 196wtq built by myself (", ) end of the video: the whole pack of cars cruising by.

Fernando's Cb7