10.4 @ 140 MPH 2011 DSM Shootout Run#4

2011 DSM shootout @ Englishtown Raceway 10.4@140 In car

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Go-Pro, roll bar mount. Roll 1-2-3 @ 35psi

Turbo DSM 9.3 @ 177 - 1/4 Mile Pass In Car
I think this was a twin turbo viper but I am not sure. EDIT Comments say a DSM, I believe them.

drag launch 95 talon TS AWD eclipse
This is the donor car being moved out of the way in order to start gutting my GS-T for the AWD conversion to be finished. We decided to use the bronco-beast to do the work (Ford vs.DSM) LOL That use to be my truck but i sold it to a friend, didn't barely have to touch the gas on the 351, could have pulled it at probably 60 LOL.. just making sur eour work day was fun as well :) The T is now gutted and the AWD tank, rear and driveshaft as well as trans and t-case will be going in (long day)

Dsm Shootout 2011 Chris Keagy.