Supercharged XR8 Ute

390Kws rear wheel.

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Lamborghini v. XR8 (Just Listen)
lambo has balls..! Just listen to the engine ROAR !

Justin's FG XR8 Ute
Read the full article here: One of the most curious aspects of car ownership is the inevitable ups and downs that arise during the modification journey. From simple mods to full scale builds the level of blood, sweat and tears is undeniable, yet the results generally make it all worthwhile. This is certainly the case for Justin, whose fateful victim was his beloved BF2 XR8 ute 'Pokey', finished in the rare Breeze green. After losing his car to a freak fire accident, he was faced with the decision of continuing with another B series or starting a fresh project with the then newly released FG model.

Ford BA XR8 Ute Huge Burnout
Me frying the tyres

supercharged xr8
Full manual shift C4 with transbrake.Alcon brakes etc. Sweet package