Trans Am 79 403 test drive

1979 Trans Am 403 Oldsmobile Considering to purchase Definitely needs lots of work.

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1977 Trans Am 403 Posi With Original Paint
1977 Trans Am

1979 Pontiac Trans Am G-Tech Run
Showing how to use a G-tech meter for 1/4 mile run. This run is my best run ever and my first time into the 13.8s my Trans Am normally runs in the 13.9ish range but i believe the 45 degree cool air helped make some extra horse power on this day. Car has over 230,000 miles on it's 403 Olds motor and transmission but has been modded with shift kit, cam, headers with full dual Exhaust, electric fan, aluminum intake, 3.42 rear gearing, Nitto street legal drag radials

1980 trans am with olds 403 #2 with burn out
vid #2 a little more detailed

Trans Am 79 burn out
1979 Trans Am Nice project, 403 Oldsmobile Apparently there's a tail light out. Knowledge shared by a local crackhead.