Subaru SVX Burnout Brazil

Subaru SVX making a Burnout in Campinas - São Paulo This is a RWD SVX with a 5-speed manual transmission!

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Subaru SVX drift
Subaru SVX LSi model 1997 drift

Used to have an SVX so I was interested to see what it ran. Pretty much what I thought it would?

E o carro escolhido da semana foi o icônico esportivo japonês o Subaru SVX, espero que gostem do vídeo, compartilhem e clique no gostei. Overdrive no Facebook:

Ripping a Subaru SVX Flat 6 in Snow w/ Custom Exhaust & 5 Speed Conversion - 911's B Jelly
92 Subaru SVX, 5 Speed Conversion, Custom Exhaust and Crappy Tires Vs 3 Inches of Snow on top of soft ground