Milton Friedman: Why soaking the rich won't work. The video is self-explanatory. This is a cut of an interview with the economist Milton Friedman, which answers a question about what rich people do with the profits they maliciously obtained from the poor citizens of our great nation.

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Milton Friedman - Redistribution of Wealth
Milton Friedman clears up misconceptions about wealth redistribution, in general, and inheritance tax, in particular. Source: Milton Friedman Speaks Buy it:

Milton Friedman Versus A Socialist
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Responsibility to the Poor
Milton Friedman 1978. From a lecture given at Stanford University. Read about the racist minimum wage here: l From Milton Friedman Speaks: Lecture 04, "The Role of Government in a Free Society"

Do Gooders Who Do Harm
Milton Friedman discusses the efficacy of "affecting to trade for the public good," as Adam Smith put it. All too often people who are well-meaning and have good intentions end up creating results which are the opposite of the very thing they are trying to fix. From: Donahue (1980) View the full episode here: