Civic vs Mazda outtakes The Forum Wars epi 5

Tune in to The Forum Wars to see the Mazda Speed spank the Honda.. represented by a 2008 Mazda Speed 3 vs represented by a 2008 Honda Civic Mugen SI.

More Videos... Ep. 5 Honda Civic SI VS Mazda Speed 3 is the only series with enough huevos to engage two competitors from two rival forums in a full throttle, tire smoking track smackdown. This season the forums nominated their reps and they met on the track at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, TX. One person walks away victorious and the other a loser. It's not just the competitor's pride on the line; each represents hoards of enthusiasts loyal to their marque. Man vs. man, car vs. car, and forum vs. forum.

Forum Wars - Mazdaspeed Forums vs Pre-Race
Skit leading up to the January 8th 2011 race event between and

Forum Wars Mugen SI vs MS3 race 1 of 2 vs Sorry for the play by play comentary on the video, I was on the phone with the owner of letting him know what was happening while it was happening.

The Forum Wars Season 1 Episode 3
The episode that really got the forums talking. Mitsubishi EVO X vs. Subaru STI.