4X4 freelander BY CLEANMIX

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Freelander Td4 air filter change, breather modification, EGR blanking and silicone hose fit.
Alive Tuning ATRIC P3 Tuning Module from Alive Tuning roduct_id=144 Video review on DHP silicone hoses Here's how to maintain your air induction system on the Td4 BMW engine. 2001 Td4 Freelander 1.

Land Rover Off Road Capabilities- Model Comparison.
See the way different Land Rover models cope with a set course. Make your choice to which is the best. Axle twister course demo even ground different vehicles. One winner. ( well a few but the ones that failed either don't know how to use their traction control or they don't have it!! There some very nice Land Rovers on this video..The driving skills is really what gets a vehicle through and the driver should be aware of its capabilities..

How to do a Full Service on a Land Rover Freelander TD4
This is a guide on how to do a full service on a Land Rover Freelander TD4 (2001-2006) for anyone who does not want to pay a mechanic to do this simple job. I'm not a professional mechanic, so i welcome more experienced people who think that there may be different ways of doing the tasks I show in this video. The video contains details on how to change the oil and the following filters: air, oil. pollen/cabin, crankcase breather, turbo vent and fuel filters. I also go on to explain how to check your braking system and your fluids. I also talk briefly about changing your EGR valve for an EGR bypass.

Land Rover Freelander Td4 2004 In Snow
Land Rover Freelander gets stuck with Nokian Hakkapelitta winter tyres in deep snow. Bad that it does not have manual diferencial lock.