1/18 OPEL MANTA B 400 (1984)

'The Black Beauty'...... a former 'Rothmans Racing' 1984 MANTA 400 modified by: "wizardcustomz team"

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1/18 BMW M3 E30 EVO2 (1993)
A rare E30 evo2.... with 'light tuning' modifications.... added: schnitzer rims,schnitzer brake kit,lowered body,M3-E36 side mirrors,'smoked' headlights.... A project by:wizardcustomz team

Opel Manta 400 - Part 3 - Group B Rallying
http://www.volksdevil.com Opel Manta 400 - Part 3

The Last Opel Manta GM Plant 1 in Antwerp

1/18 PONTIAC TRANS-AM (1972)
A '72 TRANS-AM customized in WCW(wizard customz workshop).... New colors,new wheels,new style... this dazed and confused Firebird is dedicated to... TEXAS state!!!!