Calder Park True Blue drag Racing 2011

Mat Abel in his "57 Chev" and Scoty Mclean in his 53 Studebaker in a test session on hot Saturday.Macleans chutes didnt come out and the brakes fried so in the sand trap we go.

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Geoff Blake Blake Racing FED into sand trap
No chutes at the finish line. Tried to scrub as much speed off as i could before i hit the sand "rocks". The car was bouncing up in the air so the brakes were not very effective! LOL!!! that's why you can see me on and off the brakes trying to wait for it to calm down each time..

Pro Street racing - True Blue Nationals
Pro Street class qualifying for the Calder Park 2011 True Blue Nationals featuring Ford, Holden GM Chevy and more.

World's fastest Rotary Drag Racing at Calder Park 2011
It's drag racing time at Calder Park in Melbourne, and PAC Performance is there to take on the competition with the world's fastest rotary. Pure Zoom-Zoom!

True Blue Nationals - Top Doorslammer
Top Doorslammer qualifying for the Calder Park 2011 True Blue Nationals.