D16 ebay turbo kit

TWITTER: @PotentLife EDIT(December 10th, 2012): This car is sold. To everyone who's talking shit, I love you guys. This car has been SO MUCH FUN. Cheap ebay turbo kit on a d16. Whats inside: Stock d15b7 block with a d16z6 head. All internals are stock. Pushing 5 psi. Tuned on crome with 450cc injectors. This is a godspeed turbo, unknown Intercooler with Sequantial blow off valve, HKS replica. 2.5" inch straight piping and a turbo muffler(autozone). Sounds nice and deep.

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Update on the minion's turbo

500$ eBay Turbo Kit Unboxing
In this video I open a 500 dollar ebay T3/T4 turbo kit. If you want to see this installed on our new project car please subscribe. Our new project is a 1991 Toyota Tercel that is completely gutted and will weigh less than 1500 pounds when finished. It has a 4-speed manual gearbox and a 1.5 liter 3e-e engine. We just want to have a super light, Boosted car that will catch people off guard at the strip and at the stop lights.

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This third video in the how to turbo your honda series, shows you how easy it is to turbo a civic with a lsvtec swap in a matter of hours and make very good power.

My Honda Civic D16 Turbo
D16Z6 turbo with GT3076R @0,48 bar 2011 with more power :D my new Setup 2012 with E85: http://youtu.be/erLiJoWLSwg / http://youtu.be/LIKgFhb3jpw