92 Eagle Talon TSI blows up front diff.

92 Eagle Talon TSI blows up front diff and tries launching at 5500 rpm with approximately 20 pounds of Boost off the line.

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500whp. Eagle Talon TSI 4G63 impressions from children
Spoken from the mouths of babes. I put this racecar away just after the kids were born. That was almost 10 years ago. This is my kids 1st impression of an old 90's car that has "Super Powers". They are enamored with pop up headlights and motorized seatbelts. As they've never seen either before. They kept asking me what else was going to pop out like a transformer machine. I told them of the true super powers, just a tickle of Boost was enough. I did a couple of 2nd and 3rd gear Boost thrills just enough to get all 4 wheels spinning on wet. I recently re-commissioned this old 4G63 AWD Eagle Talon racecar that has been sitting for years after a tree fell on the barn it was in.

talon tsi running mid 12s
Island dragway 4/20/2012 12.5@110.60 - 1.7 60' - stock motor,stock cams and stock intake manifold . 16g 5spd awd 2.0l 22psi link vs 4.8l 2010 Mustang

just a lil launch down my street

92 AWD Talon TSi Launch
It took long because we had to wait for it to warm up, Skip to 2minutes