How to de-bog your Quadrajet part 2

The Rochester Quadrajet has gotten a bad rap over the years, but it's actually an excellent carburetor once you understand how they work. Often referred to as "Quadrabog" or "Quadrajunk", many of the issues these units suffer stem from neglect, or "modifications" that do more harm than good. Being a spreadbore, air-valve secondary design, the Quadrajet is capable of flowing 750 or 800 cfm of airflow, eliminating the need to buy different carburetors when your set-up changes. In addition, the small primaries make for great drivability and fuel economy. In this clip, I'll discuss theory of operation on the secondary side, since that's where most problems arise. So, leave your preconceived notions at the door and let's see what makes these carburetors tick.

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How to debog your Quadrajet part 3
In the first two videos we looked at operational theory of the Quadrajet. In this episode we'll explore a couple mistakes the home mechanic often makes in an effort to improve the performance of this unit.

How to de-bog your Quadrajet part 1
Sorry guys, I got the videos a bit out of order. The Rochester Quadrajet has gotten a bad rap over the years, often called a Quadrabog or Quadrajunk. In fact, this is a great multipurpose carbureter once you understand how they work and what not to do to them. In this clip I introduce you to the Quadrajet and begin explaining the theory of operation of these units. Enjoy!

A full video on disassembly and rebuilding your holley carburetor from start to finished, Its like having video instructions lol. In this video we use the holley trickit if you want to see what all comes with this kit you can check out the unboxing video that is uploaded to my channel if you find this video useful please drop a like down below and also dont forget to subscribe to my channel for more daily content!

Carburetor Choke Operation
Classic General Motors Rochester Carburetor Division video uses a plastic choke plate to demonstrate cold enrichment. The audio improves at the 1:13 mark. Posted by Bill O'Connell, Triton College Automotive Instructor, River Grove, IL