Weed Eater Powered Bike

Home made with bike frame and leaf blower engines mounted on the frame with angle iron

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Weed Eater Bike (update and in depth)
It's got quite a few miles on 'er. Showing a more in depth how I attached the motor to the bike. Thanks for watching!

my gas bike (no welding)
my weekend project is a gas bike made with a weed eater engine and my old bike.

how to easily build a weedeater bike
visit my site www.simplenease.com for a more current video with better instruction cgeck out this video: how to build a motorized weed eater bike http://youtu.be/mleucNjLgO4 i built this bike a couple of months ago but i completely destroyed to motor i had on it which could reach speeds up to 30 mph so i got a new motor from harbor freight for $48 it is holding up pretty

Leaf Blower Engine Bike 25 mph
Completely free bike and engine which reaches up to 25 mph Took 5 hours to remove engine from leaf blower, find scrap metal and assemble. Works great! No clutch and is pedal start Not finished and followup video coming up