VW race car crashes

car loses control, hits wall, and explodes

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1955 Chevy drag race crash
1955 Chevy drag race crash. Driver ejected from the car.

Fast Fiat Crash 2
This is the rear end view of the crash

Drag racing crash
A drag race Footage of a really nice muscle car drag racing and then wrecking Then the aftermath of the wreck This video is of a drag racer who crashes her car into the wall She ends up alright and does an interview on the same clip Can I make a crack about women drivers see more at www racevideos tv drag race car drag racing crash at www racevideos tv

Race car crash. Watch the truck entrance.
6-20-07. Stateline, ID. (Near Spokane, WA.) Roadrunner category, watch the yellow number 51. Then watch close for the towtruck on the scene. Funny.