VW race car crashes

car loses control, hits wall, and explodes

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phoenix vw bugorama 2010 crash
shot with a small handheld mini camera sorry about the quality its raw footage no editing! 6 crashes this day. the drivers is ok but the car is trashed. expensive stuff is ok. ran 12.20 94 mph through the lights after the crash. thanks to all the fans who helped us load the car up.

vw crash.mpg
Darlington, SC

VW Drag Racing 2600cc plenty HP!
Bears VW Hilo Hawaii, one of my first video's, it was made from very little video, was challenging to get something 4 minutes long! enjoy!!

Worst Drag Race Crash! (Phil Lamattina)
Phil Lamattina's near fatal drag race crash! Be sure to check out my guitar lessons and tutorials on my channel.