Nissan 350Z Vortech Supercharger Start-Up & Rev

The Custom Shop installed a Vortech Supercharger on this Nissan 350Z. This video is a Start-Up & Rev

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Vortech supercharged 350Z project
By Hydra Performance Beirut - Lebanon

The Vortech supercharged 350z tries to break 500whp.
After doing the initial install and build on a #350z, we decided to add some Boost, change the air intake around and do some tweaking. Did we succeed? Have a look!

Vortech Supercharged 350z Dyno Results | 394whp/294wtq @ 9psi on DynoJet - Shop Performance Parts Today! Stillen Supercharged VQ35HR in a 2007 Nissan 350Z makes impressive Dynojet numbers at our Minnesota based Performance Shop. Check out our blog for more details about this build and installation of the kit.

First start of Vortech supercharger v2 kit on 350z
This has been a fight to get it all installed but we finally got it. It wasn't starting correctly because i later found out i had the Cam position sensor wires backwards on the ecu/split second box. She runs and starts perfect now. Thanks for looking and God Bless!