Doug Bryant's Mosquito Air

Doug Bryant flies his Mosquito Air and just loves it.

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Mosquito preflight
Shot in HD

GEN H-4 vol7
ゲン・コーポレーションが開発した一人乗りヘリコプタ ー『GEN H-4』のデモフライト映像 Demo flight at Matsumoto airport of the GEN H-4, the World's smallest manned helicopter, developed by GEN Corporation. General information about GEN Corporation and the GEN H-4 can be found at: (Japanese) (English) Current price for a (gasoline) GEN H-4 prototype is JPY 7,500,000.00 or about USD 100,000.00 due to small production capacity.

Джидж кай пробуем висеть

Helicopter crash Mosquito jerrywsolflex
I died. But I'm back. Or maybe in some parallel universe...ha!