Type-r Conversion: Part 2 Slideshow

98 integra gsr project R by Billy Vang

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JDM integra
My 2001 integra transformation to JDM integra From beginning to end Final Product at end of video

Acura Integra Type-R Conversion

the Integra Job - the break down 4
the Integra Job - the break down 3 Is a contination of the Integra job project. Some more tear down of the front end of the car and the final bit of tan is removed from the interior. Next up will be the engine removal and engine bay clean up/prep. It is a great project and it is coming along for the most part. Just a small amount of rust to deal with on the usdm Intgra. I look forward to breaking down the jdm Integra clip and then the rebuild. Hopefully soon I will have another update. Thanks for watching. Please leave feedback and thumbs up! Thanks!! If you liked this, please check out my other videos. Pictures and a video clip put to music. Music Artist - The Crystal Method Album - Vegas Song - Bad Stone

Integra JDM front end conversion HSG EP101
install of an integra front end conversion All music is original created by Mark Mckenzie and Dustin Blair.