EarthQuake 8E at RC Airport

While breaking in the engines of new Nitro powered Redcats, we had nothing to do so we decided to have fun with RedCat EarthQuake 8E. Enjoy the video. Comments and feedback welcome at or Don't forget to check and

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Redcat Earthquake 8E POST-bashing Review
Review after much bashing and driving of the Redcat Earthquake 8E. What to expect and what breaks. Please leave comments of other problems you may have had with your Earthquake if you've had any. This is intended to give those considering getting one what to expect. This truck has exceeded my expectations in many ways and has been driven very hard.

8e redcat earthquake 8e
redcat s 8e was really looking forward to it took 4 weeks to get it exclusivly to the uk i was luckly enough to get one but not that imprsessed i personlly think that the hsp nokier is better not stronger but quicker and put more power down but its more marketable as its go a good rep but one thing for sure is that its just not wide enough and takes 10th scale whells 12 mm hexs not could of been much better .....much better than this needs widening quick some extenders might do it ?? half way through the vid still no wheely s on to lid bad !!!!

Riccs Pusher Star Assembly
This is Riccs Shenzhen Pusher star assembly video. It was just glue and fix easy job and plane was ready to fly. Comments and feedback welcome at or Don't forget to check and

EarthQuake 8e, 1 week Review. 10/10
this truck is amazing :) first ever brushless rc owner and very impressed