EarthQuake 8E at RC Airport

While breaking in the engines of new Nitro powered Redcats, we had nothing to do so we decided to have fun with RedCat EarthQuake 8E. Enjoy the video. Comments and feedback welcome at or Don't forget to check and

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Lets break RedCats EarthQuake 8E Part II
I know you have been waiting for this. Well this is here, the newest series of Lets break Redcats videos. This time we brought RedCat Electric Vehicles (8Es) out and put them to test for their performance and specially durability. We conducted bad and rough terrain crazy high speed bashing and Jumps plus real rough 2 meter high terrain crazy bashing tests. This is EarthQuake 8E video Part II. enjoy. Comments and feedback welcome at or Don't forget to check,,,, and

Redcat racing earthquake 8e from paul fortier 2x 10000mah supermodified test drive,donut...
Presentation and let's smoke with some donut and stretch

RedCats and Killer Skateboarding Ramp Full Here is the full video of RedCats getting some real big time air. Those were some killer jumps but RedCats get away easily by just some loose steering linkages. Enjoy the video.

EarthQuake 8E Unleashing the Monster
RedCat Racings new Powerful 1/8 Scale Electric Brushless 4WD monster truck, the EarthQuake 8E is going to be released in Early 2010. Enjoy this Video and wait till we release this monster truck. Get your EarthQuake 8E booked now, that will be a good idea. Comments and feedback welcome at or Don't forget to check,, and CheersEarthQuake 8E, RedCat Racing, RC EarthQuake 8E, RC Electric Trucks, RC 1/8 Scale Truck, RC Electric Brushless Truck, RC Truck, RC Trucks, RedCat Racing EarthQuake 8E, RedCat Racing Electric Brushless Truck, Teaser, promo video, EarthQuake 8E Teaser, Ali, AliShanMao, RC Truck Wheelies, RC 4WD Truck Wheelie, RC Wheelies, RC Jumps, RC Truck Jumps, Awesome RC Jumps, RC Truck BackFlip, RC Truck Back Flip, RC Truck Double Flips, RC Truck Double Flip, RC Double Flip Jumps, RC Double Flip Jump, EarthQuake 8E Double Flip Jumps, EarthQuake 8E, Electric RC Monster Truck, RC Electric Monster truck, RC Monster truck