Austin Healey Mk 1 Sprite "Bugeye"

sc/cr gearbox, comp axles, HS4s, 1380cc, Elgin cam, Aldon dist, alloy flywheel, disc brakes, 4.22 rear gear, GT7 Longman head, ceramic header, stainless Exhaust

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Bugeye Project - maiden voyage!
It lives! Proof that a cracked head, stuck motor, and 11 years sitting with water in the engine can't keep an old British car down. All work done in a one-car garage with basic hand tools, duct tape, and Coca-Cola (you know, to get the rust out. No sane person really drinks that stuff!)

1959 Austin Healey Sprite "Bugeye" 4 Sale Restored 1098 cc engine Solid, Runs Great!
FOR SALE ~Sorry, SOLD!~ Go to: for many pics, another movie, link to ebay w/ full description.

1959 Bugeye Sprite Austin Healey For Sale on Ebay
Austin Healey Frogeye

One Transformed snappy little Austin Healey Sprite
128 improvements later, here's the bugeye Sprite we trasnformed for a customer from Maryland, from