Vortech Supercharged Dodge Challenger Dyno @ PSI Motorsports

one of the first dodge challengers to have the vortech intercooled Supercharger kit installed on a dodge challenger SRT8, this challenger made a baseline number of 375rwhp, with a catback Exhaust, intake and a tune loaded. with the vortech intercooled Supercharger kit on 7psi it put down 502rwhp and 455ftlbs of tq with just the shipped tuner, no custom tuning done yet. PSI MOTORSPORTS NEW TRIPOLI, PA 610-298-2800

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sloppy seconds ep.1 the sloppy after show
trying something new here like a questions and answers radio show let me know what you think of this type of video/interaction

turbo truck first outing 30lbs of boost equals boom
what a day! some real struggles, ending with some engine failure on what would have been my last pass before going home

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Twin 88 69 Yenko Camaro
***ATTENTION*** THIS IS A YENKO REPLICA, PLEASE QUIT IT WITH THE BULLSHIT COMMENTS ABOUT RUINING A COLLECTORS CAR**** Jensen 586ci Brodix Big Block, Custom twin 88mm turbo kit by www.psimotorsportsinc.com tuned by frank at psi motorsports car made 1250 on 10psi, higher Boost, track times etc to come