BUILD YOUR OWN BODY KIT..This video shows the complete "tear-down" & Street build.Custom hand made body kit & spoilers. From begining to end... P1

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Project Mazda Lite full video
this is the full video of the procces in the project mazda light... first part is the disasemble of the interior, to get rid of the dash and stereo, it was a big mess... after thar, in part 2, the screen colors have been changed. in case you mess up the screen, i have an extra one, willing to sell the OEM screen, brand new in original box.

Widebody Kit Process
A spot on how to wide body is made.

Bailey Blade Car Design | Building the body buck and shaping the foam - Part 3
Follow the progress with daily updates on FaceBook Join forums to discuss car building and design techniques. - Car Designer and Builder Forums: - Keep Updated Via your Android Phone, install my new Android App: - View the complete list of build videos: - Official Website: - Follow us on Twitter: Ok here is part 5 of the foaming process... we started on the back end of the car this weekend and really made a lot of progress. There is still a lot of detailing to do all over the car but we are almost done with the main portion of the foaming process. Once finished we will begin on the details of the car and then start layup a fiberglass shell.