1991 Civic EX 4dr b16 1st start up

91 civic EX 4dr. swapped out the bent valve single and put in a B16 motor in it over night(no joke) and 1st start up was great, when car warmed up it idled @ 600rpm..

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1991 civic EX 4dr b16, cousin Test Driving
b16 swap. Daniel test driving Beaver's car before pickup. he gives a Thumbsup.

Daniels Beige EF Sedan rolling
we went to LA to pick an EX sedan..this video is rolling home @ 100mph on highway 5

2 EF Sedan with New paint job
this is my car (gray) 2nd day after i finished the $50 paintjob (see other vidz) and my brothers previous maroon sedan with new oem paint.

RIP Daniel's 1989 B20Vtec EF Sedan
slippery road, spun out, hit a curb, hopped it, hit a tree, bent front and rear frame. March 1, 2009. Another project will be born.