2001 BMW 330Ci Exhaust flap operation - MS43 Siemens DME

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BMW ALPINA B3s exhaust flap does work.
B3Sのエキゾーストフラップ、動画撮影に成功しました。 詳細は、「みんカラ」で! http://minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/680853/blog/18470646/

BMW FREE Exhaust Mod. MillerTimeBMW DIY 15
Learn the "Golf Tee Mod" For Your Exhaust To Make it Sound a Bit Cooler! FOR FREE!

BMW E36 328i exhaust silencer flap operation

2001 330i golf tee mod(sounds better in person)
This is my 2001 330i rev with a golf tee mod the video doesn't do it justice sounds way better in person but it makes a huge diffrence in my opinion