TRD Racing 1992 Toyota Corolla

El Papa De Los Corollas

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GT GEB MAY 2013- Mark Cando

Toyota corolla 92 on 20"

92 Corolla (Chino Built)
A lil teases. project ae92 setup no more turbo and my daughter made me change the motor and tranny color from blue to orange... lmk what ya think.....92 Toyota Corolla with a 4age s

AE94 Toyota Corolla 4AGE 20V Silvertop - Engine clicking sound
After completing this conversion and rectifying the idling issue, the engine constantly makes a clicking sound.. i have yet to work out what it is. but it doesn't seem to affect driving also a new engine side mount is needed as the car does vibrate quite a lot from the running motor. the current mount has around 270,000kms on it! other than that, the car is coming together slowly, i have installed some digital gauges in the meantime...