MazdaSpeed 3 vs Neon SRT-4 vs EVO

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Mazdaspeed 3 vs SRT-4
ms3 genpu mods: Intake, turboback 3" w/ electric cut out, stage 1 Cobb, hks bov. Team TopRace srt4 acr mods: No intake, ported manifold, 3" turboback, 17ish psi, untuned, external wastegate, hks bov. Team SOP

ferrari italia vs neon srt4(hangar) xmatkuil
sabado 31/03/2012 en la prueba de tiempos

'11 mazdaspeed 3 VS '07 honda civic si
mazdaspeed 3 mods: SRI+TIP, speed daddy CBE, APv3 ots tune Civic si mods: Exhaust, Intake Tune

Mazdaspeed3 VS Evo IX MR
mazdas cold air intake was half way fallen off for the first two runs. passenger only weighs 130