Supercharged VT S L67 racing a turbo 0-60km/h in 2.1sec

NO i'm not setting a world record, YES it's just a 'Holden', YES the camera is shit, YES it's 'weak' IF you're comparing it to a blown LS1 running 19psi with 460rwKW.... JUST showing interested cunts how the commy runs, so keep the comments pro-active. It's not the quickest but goes alright, some modifications to the L67 done include: - 10psi pulley - 2.5" twin cat back Exhaust with straight throughs' - 1.98 roller rockers - rebuilt top end, push rods, lifters etc - POD setup - NEW 255 low profile tyres on VT SS rims and still no traction on take off with SHIT STOCK AUTO tranny L67 NEEDS: - to be tuned as it lags abit between rev ranges - MANUAL even a T5 - Intercooler - extractors - ported manifold and blower - 4.11 Diff So donate $$..we all need it lol

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vt stock l67 supercharged v6. is it normal or slow for a l67??
its pretty much all it's got. its in drive/ pwr button off/

Holden VS Berlina L67 15PSI A2A Intercooled
Project VS L67. See video for details.

Here is a Quick Walk around of my 99 VT S Pack L67 (Factory Supercharged) Running 10psi, HSV Memcal, Custom CAI with pod filter. On Factory Tune. L67TORQUE.COM FORUM MEMBER

Holden Commodore VT L67 Supercharged V6 with A2A Intercooler