Aveo 2.0L WOT Sound

Quick clip of my 2004 Aveo with a swapped 2.0L engine from an Optra/Forenza to hear the sound outside the car at WOT (Wide Open Throttle). Filmed by my friend in his 94 MX3 turbo KLZE.

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Aveo 2.0L Cold Start
Cold Startup of my 2004 Chevy Aveo with a swapped 2.0L engine from an Optra/Forenza. Car has been sitting all day long.

Mitsubishi Lancer ES Vs Chevy Aveo
aveo got the headstart but lancer took it once the turbo kicked in :D lol (we homies just messing around haha)

Chevrolet Aveo turbo vs Acura integra Kings Performance Turagua 25/6/2016
El aveo tenia motor de astra turbo 2.0 y gano por que el otro tuvo problemas tecnicos

Aveo at Lemons...why so fast?
NO Bull $hit! Stock powered Chevy Aveo passes BMW's often... Cut springs gutted interior stock brakes including the rear DRUMS stock tranny stock shifter stock gauges except for the oil pressure gauge and the ambient temp gauge up high stock radiator we added an oil cooler tweaked the alignment the red knob in the middle cuts off vacuum to the brake Booster for those of us that like manual brakes 200 tread wear tires stock rims certainly added a cage and all the safety stuff hood pins still has working cat and OBD2 port with no check engine light ...and maybe a pretty OK driver! Momentum is a terrible things to waste!!!