civic ef sedan B16 ponce, P.R.

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90 jdm civic ef sedan
my 1990 civic jdm project, with wrinkle red underhood, custom vtech valve cover. Going to be dark purple so stay tuned

90 Honda Civic Sedan (Motor Problem)(Unkown Problem)
ok so heres the deal i swaped in a same motor d15b2 on the sedan bec the other one blew a hole thru the block so once i got the other motor in there and everything in and ready to start ..once turning the car theres like a slow idle doesnt accelerates good i step on the padel all the way in and nothing its like when the block blew up still acts the same ....i changed intake mod ecu and main relay and still nothing last thing i think it is is the dizzy since it got soemthing to do with gas and electrical...yes i have done swaps before lol never had aproblem liek this when a block blows up any ideas on what it is?

civic ef sedan B16 ponce P.R.

civic si 2000 ponce, PR