X-Runner vs 5.0L Mustang

RunnerofX vs 5.0L Mustang

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Supercharged Xrunner Vs Mustang

X Runner vs Corvette
My Cousin's X-Runner against a Corvette at Fontana Drag Way

Supercharged XR vs Silverado
TRD S/C X-Runner vs Vortech Silverado. XR sleeping on the line while enabling laptop for data logging (1.34 reaction) XR Slip 60' - 2.285 330' - 6.003 1/8 ET - 8.970 1/8 Trap - 83.58 1/4 ET - 13.616 1/4 Trap - 106.80

Supercharged 450hp Tacoma XRunner vs LS2 GTO
Another escapade down in Mexico. This time A supercharged Toyota Tacoma takes on a LS2 Pontiac GTO. facebook.com/bigkleib34 Tacoma- Supercharged, unknown GTO- Muffler Deletes, Intake Audio - Tracks utilized, in order, include: "Dub Step Remix" (Scott Cupp) "Headspin Short" (Imovie) Scott Cupp is a film and TV composer in the late 80's and early 90's he was a well known studio keyboardist and has worked with a lot of major groups like, Whitesnake, Ozzy, and Guns N Roses along with others. If you are interested in purchasing tracks, Scott can be reached at scottcupp07@AOL.com. He makes quality tracks at affordable rates!