Saab rally car starting up

My dads old rally car starting up after 10 years

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Saab V4/92/93, Rally 2011
SAAB Rally 2011 - här finns SAABar samlade i alla former, både V4or som 93or. Kolla där för mina andra videos, Helt gratis! Bara saabar 96/V4/92/93or. Följ mig på facebook

Saab 96 V4
Video of my tuned Saab 96 V4.

Saab 96 V4 Rally on special stage, incar video
Driver Tomi Tikanmäki. Video by Jent Motorsport Video.

WRC 1000 Lakes Rally 1973 review - Part 2 of 2
Classic review of the rally of thousand jumps and stories - the 1000 Lakes Rally 1973 which was the 8th round of the World Rally Championship season.