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Restauration d'une Peugeot 505 turbo injection

Restauration d'une Peugeot 505 turbo injection de A à Z


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resto de ma 205
video de la restoration de ma 205

La renaissance d'un mythe
Clio 16s en restauration!!!

restauration renault 21
Après un accident on a pris la décision de retaper la voiture pour re-rouler avec ou plutôt pour que mon frère ai une voiture, bref, il y avait une deuxième voiture a disposition pour les pièces, donc elles ont été changer sauf l'aile avant qui était trop courte, donc on a du en récuper une à la casse, et la peinture gratuite qui n'aurait servi à rien autrement.

Yvonne destroys a Peugeot 205
The gearbox of Niels' Peugeot 205 broke down.. Time for Yvonne to finish it! De versnellingsbak van Niels zijn Peugeot 205 is kapot... Tijd voor Yvonne om het af te werken!

DriftFun with Peugeot 505 turbo
A little driftfun...

[RESTAURATION-PREPARATION] Renault 5 Turbo --- www.5Turbo.fr
Une superbe restauration et préparation d'une Renault 5 turbo en Maxi 5 Philips! Une aventure qui as durer plus de 10 ans qui aura valu le coup, je vous laisse découvrir une voiture exceptionnel appartenant a "terramorsi" un membres du forum www.5turbo.fr qui m'as autoriser a faire un montage pour rendre hommage a sa voiture! Plus d'infos et renseignements et d'autres restauration sur le forum de la Renault 5 turbo www.5turbo.fr @ Bientot!!....

Car Chase - Un homme et une femme, 20 ans déjà.
Lancia Thema, Audi 100, Bmw 528i, Mercedes 190E, Peugeot 505, Renault 25, Saab 900 turbo.

Restauration Alpine A110 1300 VC - Episode 1 - Présentation
Présentation de mon Alpine A110 1300 VC que je suis en train de restaurer - http://www.forum-auto.com/automobiles-mythiques-exception/section5/sujet380 083.htm

Cold Start the 1986 Peugeot 505 TD! Brrrr...
Hi! Today we're going to try to cold start this 1986 Peugeot 505 turbo Diesel! These cars are known to be a "bit" cold-blooded for the Canadian North; not many survive around here today. Cold War Motors just picked up this 5 speed car last week; it had been sitting outside for years and it needs a basic cosmetic redo. I hope to fix up this sweet French cruiser next summer, but I wanted to do a Cold Start for you all first! Thank you all for watching and subscribing! Lots more old clunker mayhem to come!

peugeot 505 restauration
premiers tours de roue sous apprêt

أحلى وأعظم وأقوى بيجو فى العالم
إتفرج على المتانه والقوه بس يا خساره البيجو 505 أخر العربيات المحترمه والدفع الخلفى من بيجو

Peugeot 505 Familiale Estate ** 1 Owner ** SW8 Station Wagon French U.S. Export
Peugeot I've always liked them and as a kid who could forget the first time you saw that Lion http://www.1ownercarguy.com and this is a Beautiful Peugeot 505 Familiale Estate Station Wagon. Not a very Common Car in the USA and this one is a One Owner car that has been Very well cared for. I really do have a thing for a Peugeot car. Make sure and check out My Website there is always 60 to 80 High Quality Pictures on there and this Video Review with a typed description HERE is a Link Http://www.1ownercarguy.com Also You can ADD Me on Facebook HERE is a Link..;-) From Wikipedia The car was rear wheel drive, with front, longitudinally-mounted engines. The suspension system included MacPherson struts and coil springs at front and semi-trailing arms with coil springs at rear, with a body-mounted rear differential and four constant-velocity joints. Station wagons (and most sedans built in Argentina) had instead a live-axle rear suspension, with Panhard rod and coil springs. Stabilizer bars were universal at front but model-dependent at rear. The car used disc brakes at the front, and either disc brakes or drum brakes at the rear, depending on the model. The steering was a rack and pinion system, which was power assisted on most models. The Familiale (family estate), with its third row of bench seats (giving a total of 8 forward-facing seats), was popular with larger families and as a taxi. The two rows of rear seats could be folded to give a completely flat load area, with 1.94 cubic metres of load capacity. The total load carrying capacity is 590 kg (1,301 lb). When released, it was hailed as a luxury touring wagon. The range was given a facelift, including an all new interior, in 1986, but European Peugeot 505 production began to wind down following the launch of the smaller Peugeot 405 at the end of 1987. Saloon production came to a halt in 1989, on the launch of Peugeot's flagship 605, and estates in 1992. There was already a 405 estate by this stage but the 605 was never sold as an estate. In some countries such as France and Germany, the 505 estate was used as an ambulance, a funeral car, police car, military vehicle and as a road maintenance vehicle. There were prototypes of 505 coupés and 505 trucks, and in France many people have modified 505s into pickup trucks themselves. The 505 was one of the last Peugeot models to be sold in the United States, with sedan sales ending there in 1990 and wagon sales in 1991. The last sedans sold had PRV's 2.8 V6 engine only. Unique to the US were turbocharged station wagons, both with petrol and diesel engines. 505s were also sold in Australia (where they were assembled by Leyland Australia from 1981 to 1983.[2]), Argentina, Chile, China, and New Zealand. In New York City, Peugeot 505s were used as taxicabs. The car was summed up as follows by motoring writer Archie Vicar: "The 505 is a saloon with quite a pleasant appearance, quite efficient engines, quite comfortable seating, quite nice steering and a quite reasonable price. And it is quite well constructed. So, you might say it was merely average. But can it really be that simple? Have Peugeot in fact, played a very clever game where, instead of dazzling us with technology or breathtaking styling, they have decided to woo us with understatement of the profoundest kind?"[9] I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Restauration d'une Ferrari Testarossa (3)
Restauration d'une Ferrari Testarossa de 1985 par RossoCorsa300. Problèmes électriques et essais de démarrage . Pour suivre cette aventure : http://www.forum-auto.com/marques/ferrari/sujet676.htm Merci pour vos commentaires et encouragements !

Geschiedenisles - Peugeot 505
Perfectie en vijfsterrenluxe zijn tegenwoordig zo gewoon dat jonge automobilisten geen idee hebben hoe autorijden vroeger was. In De Geschiedenisles laat Autoweek hen kennismaken met een verre voorganger van hun nieuwe auto. Deze keer ontmoet een nieuwe Peugeot een hoogbejaard familielid in nieuwstaat -- en met aanzienlijk minder kilometers dan zijn erfgenaam.

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