Restauration d'une Peugeot 505 turbo injection

Restauration d'une Peugeot 505 turbo injection de A à Z

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Donor 505 - Old Start Cold Start!
Managed to get hold of another 505 GTI for spare parts / donor parts for the other one. Thought it would be rude not to get it running after sitting 14 years!! Thanks for watching, Please comment / rate and subscribe if you enjoyed.

Peugeot 505
[[1992 Peugeot 505 Evolution 2.0]] (ES) -Motor: 1971cc - 4 cilindros en linea :Combustible: Gasolina -Potencia: 98PS @5200rpm -Par: 181/3000 Nm -Vel. maxima: 168km/h -0 a 100: 12.9seg -Inyeccion: Carburador -Transmision: 4 Marchas Automatica (Convertidor de par) -Consumo de combustible (Ltr/100km) - combinado: 9Litros/100km -Traccion: Trasera -Peso: 1320Kg -Direccion: Sistema Hidraulico -Pais de Origen: Ensamblado en Chile con Partes desde Francia (EN) -Engine Tipe: 1971cc - 4 cylinders in line :Fuel: Gasoline -Power: 98PS @5200rpm -Torque: 181/3000 Nm -Max speed: 168km/h -0 to 100: 12.9sec -Fuel System: Single Carburetor -Transmission: 4 Speed Auto (Torque converter) -Fuel consumption (MPG) - combined: 9Liters/100km -Traction: Rear Wheel Drive -Weight: 1320Kg -Steering: Hydraulic System -Country of Origin: Assembled in Chile with French Parts

peugeot 504 la reconstruccion BOCHA
reconstruccion de mi 504 BOCHA

restauration peugeot 505.wmv
restauration de ma 505