Roof Chop Radical Morris Minor Van

My dads Customised Morris minor Van.

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moggy at old warden
first real drive of my 350 powered moggy

1936 Ford Coupe - Starts up for the first time!
My grandads 1936 5 window coupe is nearly finished and this is a video of it starting up for the first time, all that needs doing now is the interior and the front end putting back on and a few other bits like tning the engine up a bit. This car is AWSOME, can't wait for in to venture out of the garage... =)

Chopping a Top - Project Pilehouse DIY Top Chop Pt.1 at Eastwood
Learn techniques for chopping a top in part 1 of 3 of chopping the top on this '50 Dodge pickup. Get tips while Matt cuts the roof off his pickup, lowers it a few inches and re-attaches it for a cooler appearance. BUY a MIG 175 Welder: _source=Youtube&utm_medium=Annotation&utm_content=MIG%20175%20Spool%20Gun&u tm_campaign=2012-09-26 BUY a TIG 200 Welder: ce=Youtube&utm_medium=Annotation&utm_content=TIG%20200&utm_campaign=2012-09 -26 BUY an Eastwood 4 1/2" Angle Grinder- e&utm_medium=Annotation&utm_content=Angle%20Grinder&utm_campaign=2012-09-26 In this episode of Project Pilehouse, Matt begins to chop and lower the top for a 1950 Dodge Truck using Eastwood's MIG 175, TIG 200, and Angle Grinder. For the full story and to watch for updates follow along on the blog: Watch for the 2nd installment where Matt lengthens the top and the truck comes one step closer to completion! Check out other videos where we repair the doors, lengthen the bed, install air bags and fabricate running boards.

My ford 100e running as sweet as a nut
1172cc sidevlave engine, the date this video was taken was 26th september 2009. Running lovely.