DTP racewars 09' talon vs bike

DTP racewars 2009 Royal City,Washington Kaizen Speed's fully built eagle talon vs a fast ass bike

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DTP racewars 09' corvette vs. talon
rods C.A.R.S procharged corvette vs fully built eagle talon awd TALON WINS!!

500+whp Turbocharged Integra GSR
turbo Integra Tuned by David Sosa, racing some fast cars at DTPRACEWARS Royal City, WA.

Furious 7 Race Wars Scene HD
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DTP RaceWars Imports vs Domestic 2016 | KnG Media
KnG Media Subscribe for future videos. DTP RaceWars Imports vs Domestic Royal City, Washington Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/13388... Video Produced and Edited by: Vadim Varkentin https://www.facebook.com/vadim.varkentin Music: Janelle Kroll - Sunny Days (BKAYE Remix) Lobster Music - Asiatown Thanks for watching.