[Making of] LEGO Vending Machine v3.0 - Mindstorms NXT

This is a video of a simple explanation and demonstration of the internals of my vending machine 3.0 project.

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Little Talks Guitar Cover by Lego Mindstorms EV3
It's Lego, and it's playing guitar :)

Blayne's Creations: Lego Bowling Alley 3.0
If you enjoyed this video check out the video of it in the dark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUHQit0NEKQ and if you want to see more click the 'thumbs up' button and Subscribe :)

Lego Sprite Machine
The refreshing Lego Sprite Machine, with two options of soda to choose from, coin rejection and a nice soda tray that secures a safe landing for the sodas. It only works when the customer puts in two 25c's in the coin slot and presses one of the two buttons. _______________________________ My website: http://electrydragonite.weebly.com My vlog channel: http://youtube.com/electrydragonite2nd My instagram: http://instagram.com/electrydragonite My facebook: http://facebook.com/electrydragonite Google+: http://plus.google.com/+ElectryDragonite _______________________________ Music used in this video: Lights by Jim Yosef Support Jim Yosef: https://soundcloud.com/jim-yosef Lights by Axero Support Axero: http://soundcloud.com/axeroofficial (yes they're both called Lights for some reason) Away by Kasbo Support Kasbo: http://soundcloud.com/kasbomusic _______________________________

Lego Mindstorms NXT Slot Machine (one-armed bandit) Full Version
A brandnew creation made of pure lego bricks. This machine is powered by one NXT, 3 NXT motors, 2 power functions and 4 sensors (touch, microphone, IRlink, color). About 400 lines of code and 2 weeks of construction were required to complete it. Please subscribe, if you like the video. Music by Markus Pitzer - http://www.dreamweaver.at