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Pure Drifting Car video
Take a 2,700 lb, 450 hp import car, combine with a highly skilled driver, connecting turns sideways, at high speed, under perfect control and you've just described Drifting. The sport is one of the hottest trends to ever hit the U.S. import car scene. Unlike all other forms of racing, Drifting is not about crossing the finish line first; it's a unique sport that is all about form, technique and ultimate car control. Meet the top U.S. drivers who are helping to build the U.S. Drifting scene. Through footage of them Drifting, their interviews and stories, experience the challenges of re-inventing and adapting a motorsport in the U.S. that has been popular in Japan for over a decade. Using footage from car mounted cameras, ride along with professional D1 Japanese drifters as well as top American drifters as they execute intense, high speed, tire-smoking drift runs. Check out "Weapons of Choice", the two most popular cars in Drifting, the Toyota Corolla AE-86 and the Nissan RPS-13/RPS-14 as top drifters explain the finer points of these two top Drifting machines.

Import Tuner Cars & Girls
Import Tuner Cars & Girls

import car compilation
This is my first ever made video and it has a some videos and pictures I found throughtout the net

Import car compilation
Compilation of import cars including drifting, burnouts and street racing. Song is You by Sarina Paris.