Rock crawling with a stock subaru!

Playing around in a washout with a subaru loyale!

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My subaru loyale in tahooya

Box5 COMPLETES the Rigs of Rods rock crawling course!
In this little video clip I recorded Box5 completed the Rock Crawling course on Rigs of Rods! Course has not been altered, and the truck was stock except the rear gear ratio was altered from 2.9 to 4.9 for a lower gear ratio.

Subaru articulation!
Going through a rather difficult place for a little car. Lots of ditches and bumps and all that. Lots of tire lifting!

A little Alaskan rock crawling in my Toyota.
I don't do a lot of rock crawling. This is also my first video on youtube. My truck has dual T-cases, 5.25 gears, and 36" TSL tires.