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Conor Daly snow drifting 2010
Snow fun - grass was perfect Conor Daly is a professional race car driver from Noblesville, Indiana. Check out his web site and follow him on twitter @conordaly22 as he travels the world making his way to Formula One

Alcoolaid STI Snow Drift (700WHP STI)
Went snow drifting to relieve some post final exam season stress. Took a quick video of a friend's snow drift. Turn up those speakers! Modlist is ridiculously long, but I know some of you will ask for it so I linked his build thread. It's too long to post in here. Check out his youtube channel too. Youtube: Nasioc Top Scoob Thread:

Subaru STI drifting in snow [HD]
Участвуйте в конкурсе!!!! ПРИЗ съемка вашего Subaru в Снежном шоу 2013!!!! - присоединяйтесь! Join us Снежное шоу от Subaru Team Russia. В преддверии зимы и новогодних праздников мы решили вспомнить самые сказочные моменты года прошедшего и скрасить последние деньки в ожидании снега. !

SNOW DRIFT BATTLE: Mitsubishi EVO vs Subaru WRX STI!
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