Alero's on 24" DUB Floaters and Acura TSX on 24 DUB Bellagios Sistrunk Fest 2011

Sistrunk Fest 2011

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Alero's on 24's Floaters and Acura on 24" DUB Bellagio's

All da alero's on 26s n 28s
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Alero 2-Door On 24" DUB KINSTERS

OUTRAGEOUS Bondi Beach Acura TL on 24" DUB Delusion Floaters - 1080p HD
An Outrageous Bondi Beach Acura TL (IDK the model) on DUB Delusion Spinners 24's!! Man the Bondi Beach paint was FLIPPING HARD on this one! Outrageous paint was serious. At the FL Classic Car Show in Orlando, FL for Florida Classic 2012.