Civic EK vs Trans Am LS1

Civic EK vs Trans Am LS1, Philadelphia.

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Trans Am WS6 Vs Civic TypeR

Camaro SS vs Turbo Civic
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING! THANKS! ▼Click "Show More"▼ This video was shot early on in 2008. Yes, he's a friend of mine. The acting (if you can call it that) is us just messing around before battery on the camera died. It was all done on the spot - no script - and the racing was both cars going all out 100%. The Camaro has been 11.5's@122. Not the fastest car on the road (by far), but enough to hold it's own with most local cars. For those in complete & utter denial - doubting that the Civic was actually turbo'd - here is the same car with a duck call attached to the blow-off valve as a joke: Enjoy!! =)

JDM EK vs. Domestics
A 450hp EK goes up againts many domestics and some imports...the results are impressive.

Sean '96 Civic EK turbo Teamrice
'96 Civic EK B18C1 T3/T4 turbo CTR 5 lug conversion Mugen MF-10 Rims