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The Ford Model A Car Club, The car that help build America.

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Loren Hulber's Model A Pickup - Pinstriped by Alan Johnson
Loren Hulber's 1931 FORD Model A Pickup - Pinstriped by Alan Johnson. See it every Thursday at The Macungie, PA Farmer's Market

Model T Ford Starts after 60+ years
1921 T Starts for the first time. The gas tank I had sitting in the floor was not working well until I put my right foot under it.

Perry Harris and his Ford Model A automobiles
Perry E. Harris Jr., a former worker at the Norfolk, Virginia Ford Motor Company assembly plant, which is scheduled for closure in 2007, has a barn full of Model A parts and tools that could fill the wing of a museum. He owns a perfectly restored 1931 Model A and a 1928 Model A in two tones of blue.

1929 Ford Model A Fordor Sedan
1929 Ford Model A With the advent of fiberglass bodies you are seeing a lot of Street rods hitting the road. Some look great and have a really custom look but there is nothing like admiring the bodylines of a classic all original steel Ford. As time goes on these cars are getting harder and harder to come by. If they survived being cut on or customized throughout their life they still had to withstand the weather for over 80 years! The number of original steel cars in existence is unknown but you can bet that number is only getting smaller. That's what makes all original classics like this one special. The original 1929 Ford Model A body is made from all original Henry Ford steel. Every panel is straight and the car shows zero evidence of rust. It underwent a complete restoration where everything was done to the original factory specifications. It is painted the original style Dark Brown and Black two tone with a small pinstriping running around the length of the exterior along the molding line. All of the chrome looks excellent from the original bumpers to the door handles and running board steps. Everything is there. Other accents like the rear luggage tray, spare wheel and original horns really create the nostalgic look and show you how detailed the restoration truly was. It wasn't a matter of pulling out a catalogue and ordering parts. A lot of the components on this vintage of car aren't even being produced anymore so every little piece was restored. This was the case with the Black steel spoke wheels which look perfect with a chrome Ford center cap and fresh tires. The motors on these cars were built long before the age of 75mph freeways but the car can be comfortable driven on the street and the 200ci 4 cylinder motor was originally rated with a top speed of around 65mph. Just as the rest of the car the engine was done to the original style with the same vintage Green paint used originally. This is mated with a manual transmission that utilizes a 3 speed sliding gear unit with 1 speed reverse. Looking in the inside it should be no surprise that yes, it is all original too. The brown cloth upholstery may not be flashy but it is exactly what you would find rolling out of the factory in 1929. All of it is in excellent condition as is the painted dash and all original trim. Look around and you will see cars done to this caliper aren't offered up for sale very often. They often find home in large collections and museum pieces do to there originality. If you could take a trip back in time to see the cars new, you would probably find that this one is as close as you will get in modern times. check it out at Classical Gas Enterprises (682) 429-1010 and remember "There's A Future In The Past With Classical Gas"