Escort Mk2 2.3 Duratec powered

Escort mk2 2.3 Duratec on the rollers at H.T Racing. Made 273bhp @ 7500 flywheel and 237bhp@ wheels with 200ft lbs of torque. Engine made 279 bhp on engine Dyno and 226ft lbs of torque.

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2 3 Duratec Mk2 R/Road
MK2 Escort with 2300 Duratec using Pectel T2 ecu - remapped @ Dyno Solutions 01474 872888

MK2 Duratec 2.3
Mk2 Duratec 2.3. Duratec 2.3 Dyno Run 152rwhp from an NA duratec 2.3 with only the inlet and Exhaust changed. VCT was not working during first Dyno run expecting 170rwhp on next Dyno run, now I have the VCT running

Mt Alma Fastest Run 2013 Duratec Escort
My fastest run up Mt Alma Hillclimb 2013 with a time of 50.7 sec. Knocked off over 6 seconds from my previous attempt 2 years ago with the old Pinto fitted. The new Duratec and a set of slicks making huge improvement.

Escort 2.3 Duratec
Mk2 Ford Escort running a 2.3 L Duratec engine with microsquirt and gsxr 1300 itbs