Corvette Stingray 1975

1975 Corvette C3 Stingray with Tuning Headers, 1974 Dual Exhaust System, 40 Flowmaster Mufflers

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Kooks Headers Presents 1963-1982 Corvette Stainless Steel Headers
New release of the C2/C3 Corvette Small Block Chevy Stainless Steel Headers.

Новая жизнь ретро автомобилей Chevrolet Corvette C3 Stingray

Deep Blue's original exhaust version 1 w/ DynoMax Super Turbo and Thrush 40" glasspack: Deep & Loud
*Update* for the growling version 2: Version 1 started with a Thrush 24211 30/35" glasspack replacing the two resonators/mufflers, then added the Dynomax Super turbo 17731 to replace the stock 18", finally replaced the '11 with the longer 24213 40/45. Both versions have been head turners, freaks out most gear heads. For more info, go to Until then, see ya and thanks for watching. Hopefully it'll give you some ideas. **Please note that the Exhaust isn't as loud as it should be due to the Galaxy S3's noise cancelling mics.**

1977 Corvette Flowmaster 50's
Demonstrating the 2.5" flowmaster deltaflow 50's on my 1977 vette. Part # 942552. I had dynamax superturbos before, but they were only 2" so it didn't breathe very well.